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“Striker’s Cafe”

1200 West Broad Avenue

Albany, Georgia 31707

(229) 405 – 1712


Strikers Bowling Alley Employees

Are Committed to Achieve

100% on Our Food Service Inspection Report Daily!

We have received 100% for two health inspections, since June 1 2016.

Grab a bite to eat and something cold to drink at Striker's Cafe.

Regular Hours of Operation

Sunday-Thursday 4pm – 9:30pm

Friday & Saturday 4pm – 11:30pm

(Prices Subject to Change)

Just Beer

“Make It a Combo”(Includes Fries & Med Drink)

*All Beef Hamburgers and Nathan Hot Dogs*

Hamburger                                        Hot Dog                  

Double Hamburger                         Corn Dog               

Cheeseburger                                    BLT Sandwich             

Double Cheeseburger                     Grilled Cheese             

Chicken Tenders        

Turkey Burger with Cheese          

Double Turkey with Cheese          

Wings:  6pc     10 pc    20pc

Striker Fries                

French Fries                                      Chili/Cheese Fry  

Onion Rings                                       Cheese Sticks       

Pretzel                                                 Pickle                     

Salad’s:      (Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Cheese, Dressing)

                                          Small       or     Large  

                                      Chicken Tender Salad


Nacho’s:    Cheese                            Sour Cream    

                     Cheese/Chili                 (Per Pack)


Popcorn:   Small               



Pizza:         7 Inch     (Add Toppings)  

                   16 Inch     (Add Toppings)

Kids Meals - (Include Fries & Small Drink)



Chicken Tenders               

Hot Dog                                

Corn Dog                             

Grilled Cheese                          

Soft Drink Beverages – (Pepsi Products)

Small    Medium    Large    Pitcher 

**Refills Are Half Price**

Lemonade / Sunkist / Dr. Pepper

Sierra Mist / Mountain Dew / Mug Root Beer

Diet Pepsi / Pepsi

Sweet Tea / Unsweet Tea

Diet Coke 16oz Bottle                      Coffee      

Coca-Cola 16oz Bottle                     Hot Chocolate

Bottled Water                    

Chicken Salad
Try bowling, it's got beer!
Try bowling, it's got beer!
strikers cafe soda machine